Panama Ship Chandler Services Transport & Logistics We currently have the capacity to respond to requests from our customers at any port nationwide
our headquarters located on the banks of the Panama Canal.
Panama Ship Chandler Services - Edibles Edibles We maintain direct partnerships with farmers who seek
to select the time of our orders the best products from their lands.
Panama Ship Chandler Services - Safety Equipment Safety Equipment We have a wide of security products of the highest quality
and with manufactures warranties.


Services we provide

Panama is one of the most important logistics centers for the transportation and storage of global burden, where interacting private ports on both oceans, interconnected by inter-oceanic railway, roads and airports, with ability to provide all kinds of services for managing cargo and passenger care.

Ports boast of their huge investments and freight movement that stirs in their enclosures grows annually.

Ship Chandler services in Panama have attracted the interest of different fleets worldwide to stock in Panama. In Panama perfectly can find supplies such as food, safety equipment, communications equipment among other items.

Panama by its geographic position and its multimodal transport facilities, the country is determined to be a supply center, but suppliers must work in the way that leadership to position itself in the minds of your customers.

Panama Ship Chandler Services


Quality Service

Our company specializes in equipment supplies for ships, for which we have an extensive range of high quality products and recognition both domestically and internationally. Vessels supplying timely, quality products and competitive prices is our main market promise to our customers.
Panama Ship Chandler Services

We Provide

PSMSG gives you the most complete ship supply service you may demand: a reliable, efficient and superior service.

Deck Stores

We have an extensive line of products cover.

Electrical Parts

Currently we supply our customers electrical equipment of the highest quality.

Safety Equipment

We have a wide range of security products.


In our consumer product line are groceries, dairy products, canned food, meat, liquors, fruits etc.


Ports of Panama where we operate
Gualberto107, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons



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