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Deck Stores

We have an extensive line of products cover: As ropes, paint rollers, millimetric screws, galvanized pipes, screwdrivers, needles Jetsel,, racket hand, all sizes pliers, tweezers, general purpose tools.

Electrical Parts

Currently we supply our customers electrical equipment of the highest quality such as control panels, electric brakes, relay, fuse, welding machines, electric lamps approves impact, hydrometers, reflectors, general electrical accessories, plugs for Interiors, acrylic sheets, whistles, reflectors, switches, warning lights swivel, protective covers for plugs, insulation, measuring instruments, different sized cables, batteries, adapters explosion proof, Chargers and more!

Safety Equipment

We have a wide range of security products such as: We re-certifications for CO2 systems on board, artificial breathing support CPR, breathing apparatus, personal flotation devices, special plugs ears, light flares, fire extinguishers of all types, glasses protectors, all radios, smoke signals, life jackets, all of the highest quality and with manufacturers’ warranties.


In our consumer product line are: Cereals, canned juices and long life milks, different types of rice, jams, jellies, breads, snacks etc.

We maintain direct partnerships with farmers who seek to select the time of our orders the best products from their lands, among which are: Legumes, vegetables, tropical fruits and seasonal.

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